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Young unionists plan for next generation in Labor

A group of young Labor activists has formed a new organization to foster friendships and action for the next generation of unionists. Called the Sacramento Young Unionists (SYU), it is comprised of both organizers and rank-in-file members, representing several labor sectors and industries.

“We started this group because we felt that no matter what role we ourselves were playing in the local labor movement, there were few opportunities for us to interact with each other outside of political work,” said Sofia Cardenas, one of the first members and a new addition to the staff of the Sacramento Central Labor Council.

“As founding members, we recognized a gap in community building, and set out to fill it,” she said. “We decided to form a group and take it from there. So far, we have prioritized creating spaces and organizing events where young unionists can get together and build relationships based on common interests. We want the Sacramento CLC, through SYU, to be seen as an organization that appreciates the whole worker. This means recognizing that members might spend 8-10 hours a day working on site, but after work, they’re also musicians, artists, parents, corn-hole champions, home brewers, amateur bakers, and outdoor enthusiasts. We want to celebrate young workers for the jobs they do and as the community members that they are.”

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