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Community Services Breakfast Highlights Area’s Non-Profit Agencies and “UNION TEAM DONATE” Program

This year’s Annual Labor Community Services Breakfast was an opportunity for our area’s labor leaders and community services advocates to learn about the great programs that our local non-profit agencies facilitate, that assists our Union Members and their neighbors in times of crisis.

Nineteen different non-profit agencies were on hand to interact with our community services breakfast attendees, and give them information about their respective programs, and how the labor representatives and their local unions can be supportive of their efforts.

All of the Community Services Breakfast attendees were required to visit all 19 tables using a “passport” system, that once completed entered them into a raffle for a free nights stay at the Capitol Plaza Holiday Inn, and gained admission into the Community Services Breakfast.

“We had some very good conversations with the Labor Representatives who were genuinely inquisitive about our operation, and how they could be supportive of the River City Food Bank,” said Lisa Campodoncio, from River City Food Bank. “It was a wonderful opportunity to meet the Labor Representatives, and thank them for their past and continued support.”

The focus of this year’s breakfast was about the great support that our Community Services Committee has provided to our local unions and their members, and the amazing work the United Way facilitates in the five county Sacramento region through their three Impact Areas: Education, Income & Health.

There were also three wonderful presentations by three of our non-profit agencies telling real-life stories of how the money raised through our Charitable Campaigns really helps make a difference in the lives of our regions at-risk youth.

Donte, from the Koinonia Program said “because of your support of Koinonia and the United Way Impact programs, you have taken a little boy who was one a shattered glass building on the ground, to a young man that stands as tall as any skyscraper!” (see picture)

Then through the help of many United Way staff, who played the role of “Table Captains,” the audience was asked to join the “UNION TEAM DONATE” campaign, by being as financial supporter of the United Way, or one of our local non-profit agencies.

When all the campaign pledge forms had been processed, we had 16 labor leaders who contributed $12,835.00 to become part of the UNION TEAM DONATE “Founder’s Club.” As members of the “Founder’s Club,” these Brothers & Sisters will be treated to a “Night at the River Cats” game in one of the luxury suites!

You can become a member of the UNION TEAM DONATE “Founder’s Club” by being one of the first 50 Union Members to contribute to the UNION TEAM DONATE Campaign!

This year’s Labor Community Services Breakfast was generously sponsored by the Sacramento Central Labor Council, the Sacramento Building & Construction Trades Council, the Coalition of Organized Labor (COOL) and the United Way California Capital Region!